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 Nano's GM Application

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PostSubject: Nano's GM Application   Mon Oct 08, 2012 7:43 pm

Nikola Miladinov

14 currently, BDAY sept 23


How active are you?
5-7 HOURS weekdays/Almost all day weekends

Time Zone:
US Pacific Time Zone

OK, so i havnt rlly had experience as a gm before but i have alot of gm friends of different private servers and i basicly know what it means to be a gm and how to act as one. So i am trying to get started as a gm and prove that i have what it takes to be one. So if (god forbid) the server shuts down and i wanted to send an application to another server about being a gm i can say i have experience.

P.S:Srry if that was to long and annoying to read and i would understand if u couldnt make me a gm. =)

English, Macidonian

How long have you been playing MangaMS:
Well i cnt rlly find the download for it but if anyone in the forums could help me then i would start right away and play everyday. lol that rimed =)

What would you do if two players were fighting?
I would first tell them nicly to stop then hear both sides of the story and try to help them both in a way so everyone could be happy and we could have a nice community.

What if you saw someone who had WZ edits:
From what i'v read from other applications the've said that WZ was ok? But if it wasnt then i would first take a screenshot as proof then straight away contact a higher gm or OWNER to see what punishment the player would receive if needed emediate ban (only with owners approval).

How could you contribute to this server?:
I would be on everyday, make events , do my best to make the servers community a fun and nice place, and even donate if needed. But mostly the first and third reason.

What if you saw a GM abusing GM powers?:
I would take a screenshot as proof then contact owner to decide what he would like to do with the GM.

THX for reading and srry it was so long i just really want this chance. TY AGAIN =)
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Nano's GM Application
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